Custom Sheet Music

All sheet music available through AudibleFaith can be custom ordered in any key! Yes, you read it right - all of our available sheet music in any key. The song mode will not be changed - songs in a major key will remain major and those in a minor key will remain minor. If a kind of sheet music is not available for a given song on the corresponding album page, we will not be able to provide custom sheet music of that same kind. For example, if there is no Vocal Score for a given song, we cannot provide a Vocal Score in a custom key for that song. And Custom Sheet Music can be ordered only for songs within our catalog. We cannot provide custom sheet music for non-AudibleFaith songs or artists.

Click on the price corresponding to the song you want and follow the instructions in the custom sheet process to place your order. If there is no price shown in the Custom Sheet column, then we do not currently offer custom sheet music for that song.
Custom sheet music can take up to 5-10 business days to complete.