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Job Associated Hymns

A humourous look at hymn titles and how they relate to job descriptions. Enjoy!
1. The chiropractor's hymn - STAND UP, STAND UP
2. The electrician's hymn - SEND THE LIGHT
3. The rainmaker's hymn - SHOWERS OF BLESSING
4. The surgical patient's hymn - I LONG TO BE PERFECTLY WHOLE
5. The day you find out you're pregnant hymn - O HAPPY DAY
6. The day you find out you're NOT pregnant hymn - O HAPPY DAY
7. The Mountain Home Builder's Association hymn - MY HOUSE IS BUILT UPON A ROCK
8. My kid's getting even with me hymn - O THEY TELL ME OF A HOME
9. The ranger station's hymn - ON A HILL FAR AWAY
10. The physical therapist's hymn - ONE STEP AT A TIME
11. The WIDE LOAD hymn - PASS ME NOT
12. The rescuer's hymn - SEEKING THE LOST
13. The fisherman's hymn - SHALL WE GATHER AT THE RIVER?
14. The last payment hymn - WHEN I CAN READ MY TITLE CLEAR
15. The seamstress' hymn - SOWING IN THE MORNING
16. The dater's hymn - THE NIGHT IS FAST PASSING
17. The thirsty person's hymn - THERE IS A FOUNTAIN
18. The slingshot hymn - THERE IS A ROCK
19. The telephone repairman's hymn - THERE'S A CALL COMES RINGING
20. The dieter's hymn - THOU, MY EVER LASTING PORTION
21. The chain gang hymn - GO LABOR ON
22. The hiker's hymn - WALKING IN THE SUNLIGHT
23. The car accident hymn - WE SAW THEE NOT
24. The lawyer's hymn - WHEN ALL MY LABORS AND TRIALS ARE O'ER
25. The street crossing guard hymn - WHY DO YOU WAIT?
26. The prisoner's hymn - WOULD YOU BE FREE?
27. The home builder's hymn - A MIGHTY FORTRESS
28. The parade master's hymn - FLING OUT THE BANNER
29. The weatherman's hymn - FROM EVERY STORMY WIND THAT BLOWS
30. The Darning Association's hymn - HOLY, HOLY, HOLY
31. The Construction Worker's hymn - HOW FIRM A FOUNDATION
32. The caterer's hymn - ALL THINGS ARE READY, COME TO THE FEAST
33. The salesman's hymn - ALMOST PERSUADED
34. The insurance man's hymn - BLESSED ASSURANCE
35. The cowboy's hymn - DAY IS DYING IN THE WEST
36. The accountant's hymn - EARTH HOLDS NO TREASURES
37. The traveler's hymn - FAR AND NEAR
38. The scuba diver's hymn - FAR AWAY IN THE DEPTHS
39. The whisperer's hymn - HARK! THE GENTLE VOICE
40. The whining spouse hymn - HAVE THINE OWN WAY
41. The wagon master's hymn - HE LEADETH ME
42. The hearing aid salesman's hymn - HEAR THE SWEET VOICE
43. The lost traveler's hymn - HERE WE ARE BUT STRAYING PILGRIMS
44. The oxen hymn - HIS YOKE IS EASY
45. The new kid in the class hymn - I AM A STRANGER HERE
46. The rookie hang glider's hymn - I AM DWELLING ON THE MOUNTAIN
47. The Vegetable Grower's Association hymn - I COME TO THE GARDEN ALONE
48. The explorer's hymn - I HAVE HEARD OF A LAND
49. The watch repairman's hymn - I NEED THEE EVERY HOUR
50. The Job Service hymn - I WANT TO BE A WORKER
51. The ironing lady's hymn - I'M PRESSING ON
52. The lost dog hymn - I'VE WANDERED FAR
53. The half time Alaska hymn - IN THE LAND OF FADELESS DAY
54. The birthday hymn - IS IT FOR ME?
55. The night watchman's hymn - IT MAY BE AT MORN
56. The nervous groom's hymn - JUST A FEW MORE DAYS
57. The perfect person's hymn - JUST AS I AM
58. The psychiatrist's hymn - LET US WITH A GLADSOME MIND
59. The pie maker's hymn - PEACE, PERFECT PEACE
60. The Gold Collector's Association hymn - PURER YET, AND PURER
61. The Rock Collector's Association hymn - ROCK OF AGES
62. The dynamite specialist's hymn - SAFELY THROUGH ANOTHER WEEK
63. The race car hymn - SPEED AWAY
64. The payment book hymn - WE GIVE THEE BUT THINE OWN
65. The escaped convict's hymn - FLEE AS A BIRD
66. The coal miner's hymn - SOMEWHERE THE SUN IS SHINING
65. Yoda's hymn - A Charge to Keep I Have

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