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Madahlia - Madahlia

Madahlia, Madahlia, 2001 Suzannah Van Ryn
© 2001 Suzannah Van Ryn

About This Work ...

An exploration of various styles and moods, from pulsing techno to soft guitar lullabies. The music becomes whole through the voice of 17-yr. old Madahlia and her poetic, often abstract lyrics. Given subtly, on the edges of her words, is a message of truth for those who are seeking to find. Madahlia has been playing piano since she was a little girl. She also plays guitar and hopes to learn violin someday. Some of her other hobbies besides music are computers, painting, and writing stories and poetry. She came to know the Lord as a child, and expresses a desire to praise Him in all of her projects. Her favorite passage of scripture is Psalm 104, which praises God for His creation: "As long as I live I will sing and praise you the Lord God. I hope my thoughts will please you, because you are the one who makes me glad." In case you were wondering, Madahlia is pronounced muh-DAL-yuh, and is derived from the group of flowers known as Dahlias. The name Dahlia has the same meaning as Madahlia's real name, Suzannah, which means 'lily of the valley'.

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