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Live - Phillips, Craig & Dean

Live, Phillips, Craig & Dean,

About This Work ...

We don't want it to be about 'these are great songs,' but 'this is a great God"
-Dan Dean - Phillips Craig & Dean

With 15 years as a group, Phillips, Craig and Dean, they at last debut their first live video. These leaders of the church recollect their past 10 recordings and feature songs that the body of Christ loves to sing. With anthems like "Crucified with Christ", "Mercy Came Running and corporate worship expressions like "Come Now Is The Time to Worship", this trio continues to bring experience and maturity to today's modern worship movement, enhanced by their "day jobs" as pastors. Bonus footage includes interviews, candid moments with the group and a mission trip to Kenya.

DVD $14.98.

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Come, Now Is The Time to Worship             
Hallelujah (Your Love Is Amazing)             
Shine On Us             
I Want to Be Just Like You             
Friend of God             
Mercy Came Running             
When God Ran             
Crucified With Christ             
Amazing Love (You Are My King)             
Here I Am To Worship             
You Are God Alone (Not A God)             
Let My Words Be Few             
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DVD $14.98.

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